Corporate Identity Needs

To make the most of your creative marketing components, your business must have a recognizable corporate brand identity with an intelligent, focused marketing plan. Message Direct's creative designing will help you create that unique brand that grows with well-executed promotion strategies.

The foundation to any solid corporate brand begins with a custom logo — a visual representation of your businesses unique identity. Your logo determines not only the colors and fonts that will later be used on your website and print material, but also the overall look and feel of those items. With your input, Message Direct will carefully analyze trends in your industry and your competitor's strategies and then create a polished, professional corporate logo that strengthens your brand identity in the global marketplace.

We offer a variety of corporate identity services.

Message Direct has the expertise to develop and coordinate business cards, letterhead, and envelopes, all with an your original, cohesive look which becomes critical to successfully branding your business or organization.

Your newly created corporate identity then serves as the basis and expression for the design of your website, providing inspiration for the look and feel of graphic elements throughout the site. Well planned and consistent design reinforces the brand recognition of your business. This assures and confirms to your potential clients that they definitely have arrived at the correct website.

One way to appropriately execute consistent brand reproduction and have efficient representation for your new brand is to create a ID manual. An ID manual organizes and shows a step-by-step new brand execution for all your promotional needs.

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